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795 Blade: The Cutting Edge

LOOK 795 Blade

Over 15 years ago, the LOOK 595 brought forth a revolution in road bike performance and construction. It was an immediate favorite, coveted by amateurs and pros alike, carrying professional teams to podiums across the Americas and Europe. Its advanced construction would evolve a few years later into the 695. That bike was practically considered from the future, looking like nothing else on the road, and integrating components like a seatmast, headset, specially-designed stem, and a radical proprietary bottom bracket and crankset design, all of which were years before other manufacturers would realize the advantages of component integration.

So where does LOOK go from there? Here. This is the 795, also now known as the “Blade.” Simply put, it takes everything about the 695, and makes it better. Read below to learn more about the 795 Blade, and the even lighter Blade RS:

Smoother than Glass

The smooth aesthetic lines of the 795 hint at what is arguably the bike’s greatest strength: it’s unbelievably smooth ride. Multiple publications wrote of the ride quality being among the softest and most comfortable ever tested, despite the bike’s lateral responsiveness while climbing or sprinting. It’s the best kind of rolling contradiction in road cycling.

LOOK 795 Blade
LOOK 795 Blade

Complex Construction, Simple Result

Utilizing three different grades of proprietary carbon fiber that LOOK engineers in their own factory using a new process called EPS (Extended Polystyrene), the construction of the 795 RS is incredibly complicated, but the result is simple: A chassis of incredible strength and stiffness, but at very low weight, dropping over 300g for comparable sizes over the standard 795.

An Aero Original

The 795’s forerunner, the 695, was a pioneer of the very concept of an “aero road” bike, and it didn’t just rely on the aforementioned integrations to achieve low drag. The tube shaping of the 795 further progresses what the 695 achieved, with even less wind resistance for greater speed and efficiency.

LOOK 795 Blade
LOOK 795 Blade

Accommodating Geometry

One notable trick up the 795’s figurative sleeve is the flexibility of its geometry. The entirely integrated front end can be vertically adjusted in 5mm increments without sacrificing stiffness, and a modular integrated seatpost system can be set to four different position (or one fixed, with a weight savings of 120g).

Multiple versions of the 2021 795 Blade and Blade RS are now in stock at R&A, starting at just $3,250. Click below to check them out, including rim-brake and disc-brake versions of the 795 Blade RS frameset. And as always, please contact us directly if you’d like more information on ordering, or customizing, your own LOOK 795.


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