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Lazer Bullet MIPS Aero Helmet

Lazer Bullet

Take Control Of The Wind

With innovative technology that allows you to switch between ventilation and aerodynamics on demand, Lazer Bullet is a high speed helmet that offers the best of both worlds.

Why Go Aero?

A standard helmet is designed to swirl air around your head for ventilation - this creates turbulence, meaning increased drag and poor aerodynamics. Aero helmets provide a significant advantage, reducing turbulence by having a smooth shape and less ventilation ports. Traditionally, the sacrifice for extra speed is less ventilation, meaning discomfort on long climbs or hot days.

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Designed With A Need For Speed

Bullet was created for Pro Team, Lotto, who wanted a helmet that could keep riders cool over a long stage, and give maximum aerodynamic advantage in a sprint for the line. Bullet's unique design allows riders to push back the ‘Airslide' to allow extra ventilation, or slide it down when there's a need for speed.

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Ventilation On Demand

Lazer's Airslide is the ‘Ventilation On Demand' system that essentially makes Bullet two helmets in one. Close the Airslide for a smooth aerodynamic helmet that allows air to pass with minimal turbulence, or, simply push the slide back for ventilation when you need to keep cool. Airslide gives the best of both worlds, meaning no need for multiple helmets or clip-on aero shells.

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Small Helmet, Big Benefits.

After the frame and wheels, the helmet is the next most effective place to make aerodynamic gains. Bullet features a small frontal area and drop style shape, which reduces drag and maximises aerodynamic benefit. The result is an impressive 10 watt advantage over Lazer's top line race helmet, the Z1, meaning more speed for less effort.

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Keep A Cool Head

Bullet is a stylish helmet that looks as good as it is fast. In addition to the Airslide, Bullet features 8 vents, including two large side vents. The design ensures plenty of ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable on hot days and long climbs.

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MIPS Protection

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a patented technology, developed by neuroscientists to improve helmet protection. MIPS works by mimicking cerebrospinal fluid, which allows the brain to slide on impact, protecting it from damage. MIPS creates a sliding layer between the helmet and head, scientifically proven to absorb and redirect forces, and reduce the risk of injury. Bullet is available in both MIPS and non-MIPs versions.

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Lazer Bullet MIPS Aero Helmet

All Day Comfort

Bullet is lightweight at only 315g (small) with a comfortable fit you'll be happy to wear all day. Highly adjustable, a simple turn of the dial adjusts tightness around the head, while the internal headbasket can also be moved up and down to fine tune where to helmet sits. Bullet also allows easy installation of LifeBeam to measure your heart rate, as well as the Inclination Sensor to monitor head position.