Comfort, Style, Tradition...

No one does cycling apparel quite like Giordana. Family owned and operated, the brand checks all the boxes you'd expect of a premium apparel manufacturer - cutting-edge, Italian-made, and superb in performance and comfort - but Giordana takes things a step further. The company's breadth of technical excellence and design variety is virtually unmatched. Giordana's best gear - and even only second-best gear - is sought by name by both professional and amateur athletes around the world, while the company's entry-level products are fair in price yet on par with the others' elite-level offerings. It's no surprise, then, that R&A stocks Giordana's entire catalog. Try some, and we think you'll see why.

Giordana NX-G


NeXt Generation

Giordana's ultimate fit, fabrics, and performance, for the rider that demands the very best from their apparel.

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Giordana EXO


EXternal Optimization

Specially engineered to mitigate wind, heat, and friction, for the competitor who refuses to make a sacrifice.

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Giordana FR-C


FormaRed Carbon

Giordana's penultimate all-around cycling apparel for the athlete that appreciates excellence.

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Giordana Sahara


For riders and racers that don't shy away from the sun. Designed to mitigate heat and humidity for maximum performance.

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Giordana Lungo


For the rider who appreciates technical cycling apparel, but doesn't need the technical cycling fit. A slightly relaxed feel for slightly relaxed riding.

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Giordana Silverline
Giordana Silverline


Giordana's intersection of performance and value, yet on par with many other brands' premium apparel.

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Authentic Italian-made cycling apparel for the recreational athlete. Everything you need, and nothing you don't.

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Giordana Fusion
Giordana Sport


Cutting-edge material technologies meet Giordana's stylish past. It's high-performance cycling apparel that doesn't look like high-performance cycling apparel.

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Similar to Giordana Sport, the Trade line is cycling apparel that's been given a designer makeover. Different designs and fits available for different riders.

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Giordana Trade
Giordana Endurance Conspiracy

GiordanaEndurance Conspiracy

A joint effort between Giordana and the Boulder-based, fitness-focused design firm, the Endurance Conspiracy collection looks and performs like nothing else out there.

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