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Colnago Concept

The Ultimate Colnago:
The 2017 Concept
Aerodynamics worthy of Colnago

Deftly balancing tradition with technology, Colnago manages to maintain the loyalty of its riders by offering that unique and wonderful Colnago ride quality across its entire line-up. Until now, however, no “aero” bike existed in the Colnago family, because the ride quality possible with most aerodynamic designs wasn’t up to Ernesto Colnago’s standards. But no longer. Introducing the Concept, an aero bike finally worthy of the Colnago name. Remarkably smooth, incredibly fast, and providing that divine Colnago handling, the Concept is the ultimate performance bike that Ernesto’s fans have long awaited.

So what makes the Colnago Concept so revolutionary?

Still a Colnago

For Colnago, the challenge of creating an aero road bike was two-fold: achieving aerodynamic performance they knew was possible with the famous Colnago ride quality they knew was expected. Many manufacturers have compromised in one direction or the other – but Colnago refused, and has delivered the Concept as proof.

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From Front to Back

As does the air through which it slips, the Concept’s intelligence begins at the fork, whose blades are optimally shaped for minimal turbulence while still providing necessary lateral stiffness. The fork’s special headset cups are also designed to mitigate road vibration especially well.

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The Concept was designed from the beginning to represent new possibilities for Colnago, and in doing so, engineers thought of everything. A proprietary stem and handlebar are available separately, specifically to maximize the Concept’s aerodynamics. The frame can easily accommodate both mechanical and electronic drivetrains, of course, but it also can internally house batteries for either Di2 (Shimano) or EPS (Campagnolo) drivetrains with no modification. Direct mount brakes are also used, for improved aerodynamics and greater braking modulation.

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Details Still Matter

Colnago commissions artisans in Tuscany, Italy, to hand-paint all of its high-end frames. Not just a pretty finish, the work is designed to last for decades, with tremendous resistance to both UV fading and chipping or denting. Still, all this quality is without the usual weight penalty for a high-quality finish: the Concept still weighs only 990 grams.

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Colnago Concept
Colnago Concept

Available in multiple color schemes and build configurations, the Colnago Concept is in stock at R&A. Click through to see more, or of course, contact us directly to custom-build your own.

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