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Pioneer Power Meter Crankset Upgrade Kit <p>If you already own a Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 or Ultegra 6800 crank and want to add power measurement to that crank, this Pioneer Power Meter Upgrade is for you. This should work with any length 9000 or 6800 crank, and with nearly any ring combination you like. And you can change the rings to anything else, and calibration won&rsquo;t be affected.</p> <p>We ship you a box that is designed for you to take your  crank off the bike, package it safely, and send it to Pioneer. You cover the shipping to Pioneer. There, they disassemble, clean, the cranks and install Pioneer power sensors on both arms, and then ship it back to you. The whole process should take about five to ten working days from the moment Pioneer receives it. </p> <p>What you get back is your Shimano crankset, with your rings reinstalled, and Pioneer&rsquo;s power meter installed, which is affixed to the inside of both arms. The transmitter cover, which sits between two arms of the big chain ring, is red. This transmitter works with rings 50-teeth and larger. They also send a replacement black cap. This covers the user-replaceable 2032 coin battery on the right side and the transmitter itself (the left arm also has a user-replaceable 2032 battery). Also in the box will be two patch and two arm-type magnets. These need to be placed or near the chainstays. They turn on the meters when the crank arms pass the magnets so they can start sending signals. There are also extra transmitter cap screws, shims, spacers, and a magnet placement template.</p> <p>Your new powermeter will come configured to send ANT+ signals and is compatible with any of the growing number of ANT+ reading head units. If you choose to go with Pioneer&rsquo;s SGY-PM9100c head unit, you can switch to Pioneer&rsquo;s proprietary &ldquo;hi-def&rdquo; data mode. </p> <p>The Pioneer meter takes measurements off both the right and left arms. The left arm sends the data to the right side, and then the transmitter sends both signals to the head unit. Depending on which head unit you choose, you can get left and right percentages, and even see how you are pedaling within each stroke. </p> <p>Pioneer worked hard and long to bring you an easy to use unit. Because the strain gauges are affixed to the arms, they are not dependent on chain rings for calibration. All you have to do is set the zero point, an easy operation, taking seconds. Because they knew that weather can affect calibration, the meter actually learns and remembers what the calibration should be for various temperatures and can auto-correct over time. Accuracy is =/- 2%. They expect battery life to be about 150 hours. That&rsquo;s fifteen weeks of ten hours riding a week, or almost four months.</p> <p>There are two limitations to this upgrade. There needs to be at least 10.5mm clearance between the inside of the left arm and the left chainstay. That distance is all the room the sensor affixed to the left arm needs. Pioneer only supports their work if their right-side transmitter fits between the arms of the big chain ring. In terms of Shimano big rings, 50-tooth rings are the minimum. Non-Shimano round or elliptical rings can be used, but Shimano won&rsquo;t warranty the crank and Pioneer can&rsquo;t guarantee accuracy or compatibility.</p> <p>Pioneer&rsquo;s Power Meter Upgrade for Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 and Ultegra 6800 cranks is the easiest way to get your favorite Shimano cranks on the power train.</p>
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