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Garmin Varia Rearview Radar Tail Light <p>Talking about getting hit from behind is just about as pleasant as discussing whether you are going to crash at 70 kilometers an hour on a descent. Sometimes these are things we just can&rsquo;t help, but we still need to take precautions, whether it&rsquo;s investing in a high quality helmet or sticking a Garmin Varia Rearview Radar on our seatpost. This is the unbundled version which is what you&rsquo;ll want to get if you already have the Edge 1000 or 520, since those computers can be integrated with the rearview radar. Please note that Garmin will make this Varia compatible with the Edge 25, 510, 810 and Touring Plus within a couple of months of the launch. So don&rsquo;t despair, all you early adopters.<br> <br> By detecting and then alerting drivers coming at you from behind that you are there is your best defense against that seemingly unavoidable occurrence. You may wonder why you need some fancy gadget to warn you about the cars you can hear coming up behind you, but in this world of electric cars and even electric buses, it can be painfully easy to miss the noise cues. Using the rear radar unit which also doubles as your bike light, the Varia detects vehicles approaching from up to 140 meters away. As the car or bus approaches, a signal will be sent to the Edge 1000 or 520 wirelessly, giving you an idea of how fast the car is approaching. The rear radar can detect and indicate the relative speed of the approaching cars, giving you a good idea of the threat level. On the flip side, once the car is approaching you, the rear unit will light up to its full size and brightness, and then start flashing at the same time. That&rsquo;s a pretty great way to alert an inattentive driver to your presence. We all know that a little tail light that produce a pin-point spot of red light off in the distance is hardly the full-proof type of lighting that will save our lives. But stick a Varia Rearview Radar on your bike, and you&rsquo;ll be lit up like a neon sign for those five seconds you need to have the cars avoid you.</p> <p>The rear radar unit can be used as a normal light with different settings as well. Then when it detects a car or bus coming, it&rsquo;ll start flashing its little heart out. And don&rsquo;t worry about it picking up all other objects behind you like trees, pedestrians, and parked cars. Since this is working via radar, something has to be big enough and moving towards you to register and alert you. The tail light is 2.9&rdquo; x 1.7&rdquo; x 0.9&rdquo;, which is probably a touch bigger than the mini tail light you likely use now, but it offers so much more protection, size is hardly a concession. The tail light gives off 16 lumens and has a five hour battery life when used on full power. It takes 2 hours to charge fully. And of course it is ANT+ compatible.</p> <p>Two seat post quarter-turn mounts are included, so that you can fit this on whether you are using an aero seat post or a more traditional round post. It recharges using a micro USB cable, which is also included in the package. Garmin Varia Rearview Radar will be one more tool you can count on in the battle to stay safe on the roads you love to ride.</p>
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