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Wahoo Elemnt GPS Cycling Computer <p>Wahoo Fitness applies their smartphone-centric approach to fitness monitors to a full-feature handlebar-mounted GPS-enabled bike computer. It&rsquo;s called the Elemnt. As you&rsquo;d expect with a Wahoo product, using the computer in conjunction with your smartphone enables you to avail yourself to all the features, at the same time, it works great on its own.</p> <p>As a GPS-enabled computer, you can just turn it on and it can both tell you and record speed and distance. You can also read speed sensors, cadence sensors, power meters, heart rate monitors, muscle oxygen sensors, as well as tell you what gear you&rsquo;re in if your derailleur system is Shimano&rsquo;s Di2 or SRAM&rsquo;s eTap. The best way to set it up is with the Wahoo app, a free download, on your smartphone.</p> <p>You can customize the screen in many ways. You can set it up with data prioritization, so that it only reads the ones you want to see, and you can, on the ride, add or remove data fields with the touch of a toggle button on the right side. So you can just see speed, then add heart rate, power, cadence, and so on, up to ten fields, just with the tap of a side button. And remove them just as easily. You can program in up to eight different pages, all of which can work this way, as well as have a maps page, as part of the internal hard drive has worldwide maps loaded onto it. Switching pages is also a single button tap on the right front of the unit. The front bottom also has a start/stop/lap button and a settings button, though you can choose to program in auto-stop as well.</p> <p>There are programmable LED indicators built into the top and left side of the unit, on the outside of the screen. Here, you can use the indicators to help with things like pacing, be it speed, heart rate, power, cadence, and so on. </p> <p>And then, you can add on interactivity and greater integration. With your phone in your pocket and mated to the Elemnt, you can find friends as they&rsquo;re riding, if they&rsquo;re near you or coming at you, or just in the neighborhood. You can integrate with your Strava account to put rides on the Elemnt and then have them tracked and uploaded as you go. You can have phone alerts pushed from your phone onto the Elemnt, so it&rsquo;s on the screen rather than you having to pull the phone out to see who&rsquo;s calling or texting. And the Elemnt can be used as the ride controller when you&rsquo;ve got your bike attached to a Wahoo Kickr trainer.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It measures 57.5mm wide by 90.5mm long by 21.2mm thick. The high-contrast black-and-grey screen measures 68.58mm diagonally. The hard drive has room for about 12,000 hours of workouts. They use a Garmin-like twist-turn mount, shipping the unit with three different mounts, one for your stem, and out-front which attaches to 31.8mm handlebars, and one that attaches to 22.2mm aero bar extensions. There&rsquo;s even an after-market mount from K-Edge. It picks up GPS signals as well as ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0. There&rsquo;s a barometric altimeter inside it. The rechargeable battery lasts up to seventeen hours of ride time. It has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means it can be submerged up to four feet (not that you should try).</p> <p>In terms of smartphone compatibility, it works with the iPhone 3GS and 4, if you have an ANT+ key, it works with the iPhones 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S on their own, and phones running the Android 4.3 operating system with Bluetooth 4.0.</p> <p>The Wahoo Fitness Elemnt computer is not so much as elemental, but rather in its element when easily integrating all the data streams you think you need and more. It&rsquo;s busy but makes the effort seem easy.</p>
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