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Stages Dash GPS Cycling Computer <p>Stages follows up their popular powermeter with a powerful GPS Cycling Computer called Dash. As in <em>dash</em>board. It is indeed large, measuring 85mm by 58mm, but it is powerful, flexible, and chock full of features.</p> <p>Here&rsquo;s a new one. The unit can be oriented either in landscape or portrait modes. They figure that people with aero extensions will want the portrait mode and folks with flat and drop handlebars will want landscape, but it will easily work either way. In both cases, it attaches with the same low-profile aluminum mount. Even though it&rsquo;s big, it&rsquo;s light at 102g, and the mount is only 19g. There are five buttons on top of the unit, three on one side, two on the other. They are (in landscape orientation): power and lap/back are on the left side, and the right features up, select, and down. They&rsquo;re placed on top so they&rsquo;re easy to find, easy to press, even with oversized winter gloves on.  </p> <p>The reason for the large size is to pack more features on the screen at once. You can have up to sixteen metrics displayed on a single screen at once, out of 49 metrics to choose from. And you can orient the metrics however you want. You can also just have the screen set up with just a single metric, and everything in between. That goes for all five screens you can opt to design. And you can even design a split screen so you can have certain metrics that you always see and certain that you cycle through. </p> <p>The Dash uses both GPS and GLONASS to lock in your position on earth. You can currently push turn-by-turn directions from your phone to the Dash, but in the near future, you&rsquo;ll be able to put the directions directly in to the Dash without needing the phone. The Dash can read Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and ANT+ signals that sent: power, heart rate, speed, cadence, electronic shifting, and trainer control. In addition, it can sync with both Android- and iOS-equipped smartphones. And, no, you&rsquo;re not locked in to any power meter, speed sensor, or heart rate transmitter.</p> <p>One unique feature of the Dash is that you can tell the unit how to determine when to turn on and off (aka auto-pause) as you&rsquo;re riding. They have an option that includes both GPS and a bike-mounted sensor to determine whether or not you&rsquo;re moving. This is a super-precise means of toggling on and off, and does a great job of editing out the stops for left turns and red lights. </p> <p>Another feature of Dash is that it syncs up with Stages&rsquo; Link training program. It&rsquo;s a cloud-based program that can be tied wirelessly via your phone or wired via your computer. You can upload via either, and then have the data sent to the cloud-based training program of your choice and you can also download via either to the device. This includes setting up preferences and screens. Once you have the app and the phone talking to the computer from your pocket, it can send push notifications. You also don&rsquo;t have to use both or either, and computer works just as well.</p> <p>Link has both free and premium versions. In both, Link hoovers up more data than most programs, including offset information, so you can verify the accuracy of your power meter. With the free version, you get all the features for programming the Dash as well as basic metrics and maps. With the premium, you can set up Link to design training plans for you, or choose training plans, and push them to your computer so you can have the workouts on the screen as you perform them.</p> <p>The Dash comes packed with the following&rdquo; machined aluminum out-front mount for 31.8mm diameter handlebars, a soft case, a micro USB cable, a leash, a paper quick-start guide, and, of course, lifetime access to Stages Link&rsquo;s Dash manager services. They have accessory computer mounts for mounting the unit atop your stem, to aero extensions, and to integrated bar/stem combinations.  You&rsquo;ll need to provide the transformer. Battery life is 25-30 hours. They recommend fully-charging the battery before you start using it. They&rsquo;ve also found it takes a few full discharges to get the full 25+ hour battery life. </p> <p>The Stages Dash GPS Cycling Computer is mission control designed by you.</p>
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