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Helium P5X Bike Travel Case Specifications

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Helium P5X Bike Travel Case Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry
Biknd Helium P5X Bike Travel Case <p>When you want ironclad protection from a bike case, but don&rsquo;t want the weight, the Biknd Helium V4 Bike Travel Case lets you fly with peace of mind and without straining your back.<br> The keys are good design paired with air. Your bike is secured to a solid hard plastic base made of high molecular weight polyethylene and the front end is protected by an equally solid shell of the same material that folds up from the base. Your frame and wheels, up to four wheels at that, are separated from your frame by nylon curtains, and all your goods are kept safe by two air pillows that are between your wheels and the woven exterior of the case. If you&rsquo;ve got extra bike gear, like seat bags, pumps, and other goods (like shoes and helmet), there&rsquo;s a zippered pocket inside the front shell. And at the top of the bag, there&rsquo;s an external pocket for even more storage.</p> <p>Included with the case are: a pump for inflating the air cushions, padding to go over the crankset and right chainstay, slide on pads to cover the fork, a slide on pad to protect the stem, discs to cover and protect the hubs, Velcro straps, a fork mount, an axle to sit in the rear dropouts, and adapters so the fork mount and axle can work with not only standard quick releases, but 12, 15, 20mm front thru axles, and 135, 142, and 150mm rear axles.</p> <p>The Helium V4 will work with road, cyclocross, triathlon, and mountain bikes. The limits on sizing are only that a road frame with an integrated seat mast longer than 70cm (27 inches) is too tall to fit, and that a mountain bike with a wheelbase longer than 114.3cm (45 inches) is too long to fit. You can travel with one or two sets of wheels.</p> <p>You might be wondering about the air pillows and the cargo hold of an airplane. Just about all holds are pressurized these days, and the air bag tech, both the cushions and the seals, are such that the reduction in pressure won&rsquo;t blow them out.</p> <p>When it&rsquo;s all zipped up and ready to go, the bag measures 130cm long by 37cm wide by 85cm tall (51&rdquo; by 14.5&rdquo; by 33.4&rdquo;). There are two rear wheels and two front caster wheels, so it&rsquo;s easy to roll this through an airport. There&rsquo;s an adjustable front handle and six side handles. You can lock the case with a travel lock.</p> <p>If you want your bike to be safe and secure when you ship it via a package delivery service, the Helium V4 is shippable.</p> <p>When the trip is all over, Biknd Helium V4 Travel Case can be folded down into a package measuring 137cm by 33cm by 38cm&nbsp;(54&rdquo; by 13&rdquo; by 15&rdquo;). It weighs 9kg (19.8lbs) when empty, whether folded or not. This case is a perfect option for the rider who needs to transport the world-class Cervélo P5X. Our premier model, the <a href="https://www.racycles.com/triathlon/cervelo/cervelo-p5-xdaytona-pro-1-bike-17786">P5X Daytona PRO 1+</a> can be purchase <a href="https://www.racycles.com/triathlon/cervelo/cervelo-p5-xdaytona-pro-1-bike-17786">here</a>. There is not safer and more convenient way to look after one of the world&rsquo;s faster tri bikes. </p> <p><strong>SPEICIFCATIONS</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Weight: </strong>9 kg (19.8 lb)<strong></strong></li> <li><strong>Opening:</strong> 360 degrees<strong> </strong></li> <li><strong>Wheels:</strong> 4 swivel wheels<strong> </strong></li> </ul>
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