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General Information

Origin Dura-Ace 9100 Rechargeable BB30 Power Meter Crank Specifications

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Origin Dura-Ace 9100 Rechargeable BB30 Power Meter Crank Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry
SRM Origin Dura-Ace 9100 Rechargeable BB30 Power Meter Crank <p>SRM created the crank-based power meter, and has always been out in front with well-tested, accurate, and consistent units that are incredibly durable. With the Origin Dura-Ace 9100 Rechargeable Power Meter Crank, they move ahead again with an incredibly light, stiff, interchangeable design.</p> <p>SRM used to take Shimano Dura-Ace cranks and cut off the spider to attach their power meter. No longer. They now go to Look, the French pedal, frame, and crank manufacturer, for the crankarms and the thru-axles. The result is lighter, stiffer arms that feature Look&rsquo;s unique Trilobe nut inside the end of the arms. The nut has three different positions, which allows you to tune your crankarm length from 170mm to 172.5mm to 175mm. The arms also pinch the hollow aluminum thru-axle, so you can remove the arms completely or individually. The design, utilizing metal nuts, bolts, and washers, keeps the arms light and reduces stress on the carbon. </p> <p>The arms have been well-tested in the pro peloton. The Bahrain-Merida team has been racing them, and the team has ridden them through the WorldTour without issue, most prominently under the legs of Vincenzo Nibali, who attacks on all terrain, and wins.</p> <p>The cranks are light and stiff. And the means that they are joined is stiff as well. The hollow aluminum thru-axle comes in two versions:  30mm diameter and 137mm width, and 24mm and 134mm width. The 30mm version works with all the bottom bracket standards that utilize 30mm axles. The 24mm version works with Shimano-style bottom brackets.</p> <p>The spider is designed to work with chain rings that use Shimano&rsquo;s 110mm BCD four-arm design. It is attached to the right arm and the thru-axle, but can be separated. It comes with Shimano 9100 chain rings, but anything that utilizes Shimano&rsquo;s chain ring standard can replace these rings, including wide-narrow 1x chain ring designs. This should pretty well future-proof the crankset.</p> <p>SRM claims the meter is accurate to +/- 1%. That&rsquo;s better than the industry standard. Of course, as crank-based meters are temperature-sensitive, adjusting the zero offset after the bike has been in the riding environment, inside or out, for several minutes is always a good idea. Follow the protocol that your head unit uses to zero it out. You&rsquo;ll also get more consistent numbers if you toggle on the auto zero offset option for the crank from your head unit.</p> <p>Yes, the signal sent is ANT+. Yes, it will sync with any head unit or phone or tablet that has the ability to read ANT+ signals. The ANT+ signal is such that the crank sends a warning to the head unit when the rechargeable battery is low.</p> <p>The battery should last up to 100 hours before it needs recharging. Figure in the 90-100 hour range in consistently warm conditions. Figure it will be a bit less in variable conditions. Charging takes four hours if the battery is just about exhausted. The charging port is on the outside of the unit right next to the crank. It works with a magnetic plug that is included with the meter. The battery should be able to be fully charged for about 500 charge cycles, or up to 50,000 hours of riding.</p> <p>The SRM Origin crank comes with one of three 9100 chain ring combinations. The crank comes with two arms, the thru-axle, the chain rings, a very long power cord to run from an outlet to the crank for charging, and a magnet and double-sided 3M tape. The magnet needs to be affixed to the frame 4-6mm from the crank. </p> <p>Weight for the crankset is 602g.</p> <p>The SRM Origin Dura-Ace 9100 Rechargeable Power Meter Crank is the new standard for power measurement.</p>
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