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Campagnolo Rechargeable Powermeter Crankset Specifications

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Campagnolo Rechargeable Powermeter Crankset Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry
SRM Campagnolo Rechargeable Powermeter Crankset <p>SRM keeps getting better. This Power Meter crankset has Campagnolo carbon-fiber arms mated to a rechargeable SRM spider that works with the 145/112mm bolt circle diameter of modern Campagnolo chainrings. In other words, this is a Campy crankset with an incredible power-reading spider between the rings and the arms.</p> <p>The pairing of the high-zoot SRM spider with Campy&rsquo;s beautiful arms, stiff rings and smooth bearings is highly-accurate high-performance componentry at it&rsquo;s most stylish. </p> <p>The SRM spider is a scientific tool. The German company started the power meter revolution, has always built their products to the most exacting standards, and has continually refined their product to improve accuracy, durability, and remain ahead of the pack. It is accurate to +/- 1%. The battery is built into the spider and the charge port is on the outward side. The meter measures power via strain gauges and broadcasts its ANT+ wireless signal for approximately 100 hours on a charge. In terms of practical matters, the charge cable is the same as the charge/upload cable that works with their PC8 head unit. </p> <p>The signal can be read by SRM&rsquo;s PC8, as well as any other watch, head unit, smartphone, or tablet that can read an ANT+ signal. The signal sends power info as well as cadence.</p> <p>Fitting a scientific tool, the SRM spider is designed to automatically compensate for temperature changes, as crank-based meters can change offset as temperature shifts. It is also completely sealed from the elements: you don&rsquo;t have to be gentle around it, you can ride in the snow, sleet, rain, mud, sand, and then clean with solvents and a power washer and it will still be fine. Don&rsquo;t worry, this is how pro teams abuse their SRMs and they thrive in that environment. The crankset comes with a three-year warranty against defects.</p> <p>The crankset weighs 780g complete. There are three crankarm lengths: 170, 172.5, and 175mm. There are three standard chainring combinations: standard (53/39), 52/36 (mid-compact), and 50/34 (compact).</p> <p>The compatible Campagnolo Ultra-Torque bottom bracket must be sourced separately. </p> <p>The SRM Campagnolo Rechargeable Powermeter comes with: a 6&rsquo; USB charging cable, a magnet that must be affixed via 3M double-sided tape to the bottom bracket, the crank safety clip. </p>
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