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Interceptor Graphene Frameset Specifications

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Interceptor Graphene Frameset Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry
Dassi Interceptor Graphene Frameset <p>The Dassi Interceptor utilizes graphene in its layup to create a light race bike with all the superlatives you expect.. This carbon frameset comes out of England, where it is not only designed, but built.. </p> <p>Dassi is a new company.. The name is actually an acronym for: Dave, Adam, Stuart, Stuart, and Innovation.. The last is not a person, but their mission.. The four founders come from Formula One and aerospace backgrounds, providing them extensive experience in building light, strong, and aerodynamic out of carbon.</p> <p>Their use of graphene is their biggest innovation to date.. It&rsquo;s a relatively new material, one that heretofore has only been seen in bicycle tires. Graphene is almost magical in its properties.. It is one atom thick, and is mixed into Dassi&rsquo;s epoxy in such a fashion that it has consistent density throughout the solution.. How it works is a bit mysterious, but it seems to do several things at once.. It is a vibration damper, working almost like rubber between layers of carbon fiber.. Damping vibrations is something most carbon-fiber frame manufacturers attempt to do in some way; here, it&rsquo;s literally built into the tubes.. Suspended in epoxy, it forms a latticework in between the layers of carbon fiber, thus both strengthening the tube and stiffening it.. The increase in laminar strength between a frame tube without graphene and a frame tube with is 70%.. </p> <p>The graphene present is rather tiny.. This has to do with the fact that one atom of graphene at one millimeter thick would cover an entire soccer field.. The rest of the frame is built with a mix of different modulus fiber plies.. The resulting frame is 800g (750g unpainted) with a 290g fork.</p> <p>As this is a race bike, it is built to handle fast.. Short, 406mm chainstays, and aggressive angles will feel fast.. But the 70mm of bottom bracket drop and relatively generous fork rake will make the bike feel pretty stable.. The stiffness is of a piece with this geometry.. The bike feels, and is, stiff.. Stiffness is the best way to transmit pedaling action into forward momentum.. It&rsquo;s the best way to make sure steering it tight and precise.. . </p> <p>The tubing enhances stiffness and aerodynamics.. The tapered 1 1/8&rdquo; to 1.5&rdquo; steerer is hidden inside a tapered head tube.. The aero shaped downtube, more of a Kamm-tail design tapers as it travels to the English-threaded bottom bracket.. The seat tube is aero profiled and shrouds the rear wheel.. Even the seatstays, while small, also are formed into Kamm-tail shapes.. The seatpost is an airfoil as well.</p> <p>The graphene takes the edge off rough roads, as do the gentle wave pattern the fork is molded into.. Other compliance elements include the flattened, bowed top tube, and the spindly seatstays.. </p> <p>The included seatpost is 350mm long.. It has a Ritchey-style side clamp.. There are replaceable hangers for both the rear and front derailleurs.. The frame comes with either cable stops or plugs depending on whether you specify mechanical or electronic shifting (different plugs for EPS/Di2 and eTap).. The stays have room for a 28mm tire.. The fork for 25mm.. Maximum recommended rim width is 25mm.. </p> <p>Because of their size and agility, Dassi can easily finish the frame with custom paint and/or custom geometry.. Call the experts at R&amp;A Cycles to learn how you can make the Dassi Interceptor more personal.. </p>
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