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Timemachine Road 01 THREE Bike Specifications

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Timemachine Road 01 THREE Bike Geometry / Size Chart

Bike Geometry

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BMC Timemachine Road 01 THREE Bike <p>The BMC Timemachine THREE is built for speed and features the same geometry as the Timemachine 01 ROAD ONE but at a lower price. Shimano Ultegra Di2 shifting lowers the price but still provides easy and reliable gear changes. Aerodynamics is the key to the speed of this road bike. The design of the Timemachine will let you hit your maximum velocity without letting strong winds throw you off balance. Every part of this bike from the seatpost to hydration storage are as aerodynamic as possible. <br><br> The Timemachine ROAD 01 is aerodynamic through and through. Breaking away from the peloton will not be a hassle thanks to the Timemachine&rsquo;s ability to cut through that pesky wind. The Timemachine ROAD 01 THREE is best suited for those flat sprint stages of your big race. The level of aerodynamics associated with this bike is in part thanks to advanced tube profiles, the ICS Aero cockpit, and an aerodynamic seatpost. It is equipped with T Swiss ARC 1400 DICUT 62 Carbon wheels as well as disk brakes that will allow for comfortable braking at top speeds.<br><br> The TCC Speed fork of the Timemachine 01 uses BMC&rsquo;s Tuned Compliance Concept. Added vertical compliance will help with comfort and control for those tough stages. That compliance also helps to dampen vibtration so you do not lose any of your pedaling efficiency to the road. Built with premium carbon, the frame is very stiff for your sprint, allowing for unrivaled power transfer. Speed is the main goal of the Timemachine and you will certainly feel it with the build of your bike. <br><br> The BMC Timemachine ROAD 01 is designed for efficiency and free speed. The redefined Position to Perform System (P2P) helps riders find their ideal contact points without sacrificing aerodynamics regardless of front saddle position. You will be able to reach your maximum velocity in your ideal position to experience the lightning fast ride that the Timemachine promises.<br><br> Your BMC Timemachine ROAD 01 THREE, helps you reach maximum velocity on the road at a reasonable price. A carbon frame keeps the weight down and a stiff frame ramps up the efficiency of your ride, so you do not lose any precious speed to the road. Each part of this bike helps make wind an afterthought, making for easy speed. This efficient bike is built for free speed to help you sprint like never before.<br><br> <strong>FRAME SPECIFICATIONS</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Frame: </strong>12x142mm thru-axle</li> <li><strong>Fork: </strong>ICS Specific<br> Integrated Aero Cover<br> Direct frontal flat mount disc brake (160mm only)<br> Rake: 45mm (54,56,58,61), 50mm (48&amp;51)<br> 12x100mm thru-axle<br> Tapered steerer 1-1/8&rdquo; a 1-1/4&rdquo;</li> <li><strong>Seatpost: </strong>Adjustable offset 0, 15, 30mm<br> Length: 210mm (48&amp;51) and 270mm (54,56,58,61)</li> <li><strong>Tires: </strong>Designed for 25mm, maximum 28mm</li> <li><strong>Misc.: </strong>Ultra-Light Thru-Axle Design (F&amp;R=55g)</li> <li><strong>Frame Weight: </strong>980g</li> <li><strong>Fork Weight: </strong>410g</li> <li><strong>Seatpost Weight: </strong>190g<strong> </strong></li> </ul>
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