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Trailfox AMP Two Bike Specifications

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BMC Trailfox AMP Two Bike <p>BMC wanted to build an enduro bike that would share ride qualities they&rsquo;ve already defined and refined with the Trailfox, but with a motor to take people further, deeper. The result is the Trailfox AMP, a bike that marries Shimano&rsquo;s Steps E8000 motor with BMC&rsquo;s ride. 650b plus wheels, 150mm of travel, and lots of fun. </p> <p>BMC engineers successful Trailfox platform didn&rsquo;t need to be shelved with the introduction of the motor; it needed to be adjusted. They weren&rsquo;t in thrall to the geometry or the aesthetics, but the purpose or the aesthetics of their Trailfox, but the ride. It&rsquo;s still an all mountain bike, just with help. </p> <p>Shimano&rsquo;s E8000 benefits from Shimano&rsquo;s knowledge of cycling. It&rsquo;s a gearbox capable of 250 watts that sits at the bottom bracket and is powered by a battery, and governed by a four-setting switch at the handlebars, and also connects to a display that shows speed, mode, and battery life. There&rsquo;s off, Eco, Trail, and Boost. This isn&rsquo;t a throttle system, but a pedal-assist: you pedal, it kicks in, you coast, it does nothing. Eco is the setting that offers the lowest assist and highest range. It&rsquo;s basically on just enough to overcome the extra weight of the system—the bike weighs about 47lbs. It should last about 55 miles on a charge. Trail is the middle setting and can last about 40 miles, and Boost the third or highest level of assist and can last about 20.</p> <p>The battery can go from empty to full in about five hours; the battery can get to 80% in about two-and-a-half. It should be good for 500 charge cycles before storage deteriorates. And, as the system is designed with Shimano E-Tube programming, anyone who has the coordinating diagnostic tools for Di2 can also work with Steps. Firmware updating, which Shimano does as they better tune their system, is done via E-Tube as well. </p> <p>The battery is also an important element of the design. BMC designed the carbon-fiber downtube of the Trailfox to integrate with the battery. the downtube has two structural sides and a top, they call it Twin Hollow-Core Tube Design, and the battery secures in between the sides and makes up the bottom. </p> <p>And because of the weight, BMC tweaked just about all the design elements to give the resulting ride a feel just like the regular Trailfox. To do this, they raised the bottom bracket a bit to compensate for the extra weight, they moved pivot placement and upsized the links: the links themselves are 60% wider and the bearing diameters have gone  up by 27%. They were able to keep their favored short chainstays down to 445mm thanks to the compact shape of the Shimano gearbox. They also went with wider rims and heavier tires, also to better work with the greater bike weight. Bigger rotors and stronger brakes also help keep the bike feeling like it&rsquo;s just an AMPlified version of itself.</p> <p>When you don&rsquo;t have the time to train like you used do and are looking for the same kind of enduro thrills, the BMC Trailfox AMP is your huckleberry.</p>
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