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Size Hip
XS 86cm
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M 100cm
L 102cm
XL 110cm
Assos T.rallyShorts_s7 Lady <p>Building the offroadRally off-road collection has been a priority for Assos. For years, Assos bibs have been worn underneath baggies, for those fearful of exposing their valuable Assos bottoms to the rough world of no roading. The Assos T.rallyShorts_s7 Lady combine the fit and paneling of the new laalalaiShorts with the functionality of the Rally line for women who are fast and tough.</p> <p>The heart of all shorts is the pad. The wrong insert, or even the right pad in the wrong place, can turn a great ride into a painful one. Assos works with their new S7 Lady chamois. It&rsquo;s got memory foam padding of multiple thicknesses, it&rsquo;s got the golden gate stitch-free sides for movement without constriction, it&rsquo;s got the waffled perforated foam for better moisture wicking, it&rsquo;s got the rear terminal, wherein the back of the pad is attached to the back panels rather than the bottom of the short. And the thickest blocks of pads have been set apart to better match up with women&rsquo;s ischial tuberosities. The only difference here between this and the road short is that this pad is tweaked slightly for the more upright riding position Assos expects you to take off-road. <br> Slightly is key. Because as good an mtb short as this is, it also is great on the road. The short material is called Kompressorfabric (Assos type.499), and it is a durable, stretchy, breathable spandex that not only can survive crashes, but is hydrophobic to prevent both splashes and sweat from soaking you. They knew a durable fabric that can withstand abrasions wasn&rsquo;t enough, so they added hip pads, called Impactors. These are 8mm thick, made of a moldable, heat-sensitive, visco-elastic polymer. They also sit in internal pockets and are removable. The pads and Kompressorfabric could certainly help in other crash-friendly cycling disciplines if you&rsquo;re so inclined.<br> At the bottom of the legs are gripper bands that are wide and soft, and have a more textured interior face, better suited for holding legs fast in wet, slippery, and abrasive conditions.<br> Everything is held in place with Assos&rsquo; women&rsquo;s bib system. The bib system is not the same as you&rsquo;ll find on men&rsquo;s shorts. Those bibs don&rsquo;t work well with women&rsquo;s curves.. The shoulders of the bibs, while they sit narrower than traditional straps, are also wider at the top for less pressure. They come together, and narrow, in front, toward what initially seems like a back-specific yoke. Only it&rsquo;s just a method to get the bib out of the way and run down the front to a firm, yet easy to work, magnetic clasp. On the other side of the clasp is the narrowed top of a spandex panel, which gathers up the front with little pressure and no &ldquo;muffin-top&rdquo; action. <br> The back of the bibs is different than you&rsquo;ll find on road shorts. Here, there&rsquo;s nothing between the bib straps. They assume you&rsquo;re most-likely wearing a base layer underneath the bibs and a jersey and possibly a hydration pack over, so they wanted to minimize the material to minimize sweat buildup.<br> From top to bottom, Assos T.rallyShorts_s7 Lady is a different kind of off-road bottom. The kind you&rsquo;ll prefer to baggies in the dirt and even from regular bottoms on the road. </p>
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