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Bike Geometry
Kask Infinity Helmet <p>Just by looking at the Kask helmet line-up, we can all feel privy to the R&amp;D meetings the folks at Kask are having with their Sky Team counterparts. The Kask Infinity represents their combined efforts to find a way to give riders the option between venting in the heat and being super aero against the wind.<br> <br> They accomplish this by having a sliding shield at the top of the helmet that can be moved while riding, and will either open the air vents wide, or close them down to become more invisible in the wind. To mix aero with ventilation, Kask developed what they call Aero Control. It means that they have a shell that has a wind-tunnel informed shape that still allows for a variety of air-intake and exhaust vents. The front three vents direct the wind right to your forehead and then channel it around through to the back of the helmet where there are eight exhaust vents. But then, if you find yourself in a long solo break, or even want the Infinity to double as your Tuesday evening time trial series helmet, you can pull down the visor to reduce the size or even close the vents completely. To have this versatility at your fingertips gives you a level of control that you will appreciate, which will allow you to customize your lid from ride to ride, or even in the middle of one. And a perhaps unintended benefit of the design is that the Infinity will be a nice choice to use in the winter, where you can close off the vents to help keep your head warmer.</p> <p>Kask includes comfort-only flourishes like an eco-leather chinstrap that adds a few grams but also prevents the smelly chaffing we all have suffered from salt-encrusted rough poly chin straps. In spite of the fact it is leather, it is a hypo-allergenic and washable chinstrap that will stay supple no matter how salty your sweat. The chin strap then incorporates soft lateral spacers, which thanks to their shape, enable excellent ventilation and avoid that unpleasant sweaty strap feeling. </p> <p>As for the interior of the helmet, Kask uses what it calls the Octo Fit adjustment system, which is as simple as it is effective. There is an adjustable tab on the inside of the helmet that allows you to expand the polystyrene body both at your temples and at the rear. You can also count on an impressive amount of height adjustment as well. To ensure your comfort further, Kask has provided antibacterial and antimicrobial inner padding. It is removable and can be washed once it does start to give off the aroma of hard work. The material itself is made from Coolmax, which means that it will be an amazingly effective fabric to wick away your sweat. </p> <p>The Kask Infinity Helmet has passed the CPSC helmet standards for the US and weighs in at 350g in size medium. And if you do have the misfortune to crash your Kask Infinity within a year after purchase, Kask America will offer you a 25% discount, according to current prices, on a replacement Kask helmet. All you do is take it, along with your proof of purchase, to an authorized Kask dealer and they&rsquo;ll get you set up. </p> <p>With high visibility stickers, the Kask Infinity Helmet will also help you alert drivers to your presence on the road, even if it&rsquo;s a little past dusk. But with the Infinity Helmet, you will be able to choose your level of invisibility to the wind. </p>
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