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Time Hi-Tense Wheelset

High spoke tension for outstanding performance. The wheelset behavior, stability and output depend essentially on its geometry.

  • The front wheel offers an optimum equilibrium thanks to its "umbrella" shape.
  • The rear wheel geometry is restricted by the frameset dropouts (130 mm) and stays.

Finding an equilibrium was a technological challenge. In order to do so and have almost a symmetrical rear "umbrella", TIME has been inspired by Guy Frullani's research (innovator and a great wheel-specialist). His patented concept and technique to construct the wheel allows high tension on the spokes.

Time has been using high tech components that give their wheels durability and performance. Equilibrium and homogeneity are the key words that characterize this wheelset, plus the high end components used to manufacture it, you won't recognize your performance... 

  • High quality bearings set at each end of the hub give the wheelset better durability, stability and fluidity.
  • A carbon axle and RTM one-piece carbon hub with aluminum bearing allow a light weight and high precision.
  • TIME freehub has 42 teeth with a 3 pawl concept.
  • Straight spokes are screwed in the hub to maximize the rear umbrella and gave better power transfer. Tapered and profiled spokes provide better aerodynamics and reduce the effect of lateral wind.\
A minimal loss of energy, an optimal output and a flying sensation. The more a wheel can resist distortion due to high power input (like in a sprint), the more it can give back, without any loss of energy, the power transmitted.

TIME "Hi-Tense" wheelsets with its high tension spokes, thanks to Frullani's technology, allows:

  • To avoid any risk of switching-over under the rider impulse or weight;
  • To have tiny differences between spoke tension on either side of the rear wheel;
  • To decrease tension disparity in the same spoke range.

The result is maximized stability, a homogenous behavior and an incomparable output.

Hub Material
Spoke Material
Stainless Steel
Spoke Count
20 F / 24 R
Rim Depth
23mm F / 25mm R
Rim Material
1530 grams
*Specifications are subject to change.
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